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Local musicians featured in promotions

26 February 2015

OUR Telekom has been acknowledged for engaging musicians in their current road show promotion in Honiara.

The promotion was started off on Monday and will end on 6th March.

Yesterday there was live band entertainment by Iron Rock Band normally known as Littol Rasta.

Lead vocalist Samuel Tio said, he was thankful for Our Telekom management to engage during the promotion.

“This is huge support to the music industry in the country,” Mr Tio said.

He said, what Our Telekom had done is what government should do for the music industry in this country.

 “We have talents but lack government support to support us. Therefore I would like to thank Our Telekom for engaging us in this current road show promotion.”

He urged other companies, organisations and government to do similar thing.

Yesterday Iron Rockn has provided live music entertainment at the Ranadi road show.