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Govt plans to upgrade all provincial airport

26 February 2015

Government through the Ministry of Aviation and Communication (MAC) plans to upgrade all provincial airport and terminals.

Permanent Secretary (PS) Francis Lomo revealed this yesterday following complaints being raised that some provincial airports terminals are unhygienic.

Mr Lomo told the Solomon Star yesterday, DCC government through the Ministry will upgrade all provincial airports and terminals throughout Solomon Islands.

“I would like to assure everyone that government through my ministry will definitely upgrade a number of provincial airport facilities throughout the country.”

Mr Lomo said, the DCC policy highlighted that one of the policy objectives is to ensure that airport facilities are upgraded to safe and secure facilities.

“Yes, my Ministry with the support from the government upgrade all provincial airports facilities this year,” Mr Lomo said.

He said some of the airports such as Lata, Taro and Nusatupe will have proper terminals andd facilities.

“These facilities will be looked after by assigned airport contractors to ensure the facilities are properly maintained, cleaned and looked after.”