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Plans to improve central market

09 April 2015

Plans are underway to improve the standard of Honiara central market.

Market master Saxon Ofata highlighted this during an interview with the Solomon Star on Tuesday.

Mr Ofata who just took up the market master post last month said, under his new management the team is working very hard this year to improve the standard of the main market.

“We just come in the office last month and so far we are just settling down and try to understand the market ordinances.

“We have many issues our new market management yet to sort out this year in the market but the prime priority is raising the standard of the market,” Mr Ofata said.

Since last week based on the orders of the market master,Honiara City Council law enforcement officers have begun removing some of the eskies that are old and staying idle at the market vicinity.

This is part of improving the image of Honiara central market.

“Honiara central market is central place for everyone throughout the country and foreigners especially tourists visiting our country.

“And if we fail to organise this market in an orderly manner by putting appropriate laws and regulations then we would spoil the image of this country,” Mr Ofata said.

Last Friday the market master had engaged the fire services to help them clean the market as part of improving the market standard.

“Our plan now is to remove old eskies or table that are used in the market for trading that are old and unhealthy for trading.

“We want this market to be well -organised and have proper facilities that are clean and tidy at all times so that our visitors and local customers can conduct their market in a good place,” Mr Ofata said.

The market boss thanked the market vendors who are faithfully paying the market and storage fee to ensure services at the market continues to operate normally.