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Council plans to provide scales for fish vendors

09 April 2015

THE office of the market master plans to provide scales to fish vendors at the Honiara central market to avoid vendors robbing customers by adjusting their scales.

That was according to assistant market master Steve Batabiriala in an interview with the Solomon Star on Tuesday.

“The idea of providing scales to fish vendors is to avoid people complaining about fish vendors readjusting their scale.

“There are some scales used by the fish vendors at the central market adjusted their screws so that they could gain extra weight.”

Mr Batabiriala said, such action is robbing people with their money.

“This has come into our attention since we took up the office this year,so our next move will be to provide scales for these fish vendors rather than allowing the fish vendors to use their own scales,” Mr Batabiriala said.

He also revealed the market office also confiscated some scales from the fish vendors who have been doing such illegal practise.

The assistant market boss encouraged customers in Honiara who wants to buy fish to bring with them a 1kg rice to check the scales.

“To be on the safe side customers who want to buy fish should bring with them a 1kg rice to prove whether the scale is normal or not.”



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