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Cab drivers told to be honest

09 April 2015

KINGS cab drivers who have attended a two hours information sharing workshop are being told to be honest in their work.

Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) marketing manager Freda Unusi, highlighted this yesterday.

About 15 king’s cab drivers attended the workshop which was aimed at providing a better service and to be honest in their service.

SIVB organised the training for the drivers because of the trust and confident it had in their service in Honiara.

Ms Unusi who was the first speaker highlighted the importance of being honest.

 “Cab drivers you are very important marketing tool of tourism industry in the country and you are the mouth piece of sharing information to the internationals visitors.

“SIVB can’t able to provide all relevant  information because we are not the ones transporting visitors around the town every day, so I encourage  you to please help the  SIVB to share information about our city’s history to tourist when taking them around and also you should  be honest with the  information sharing to them,” Ms Unusi said.

Some of the issues covered included dressing code, code of ethic, time planning, information provider, stay calm and respect visitors.

She encouraged the 15 cab drivers to be friendly and always dress decently when serving the internationals visitors.

“Many visitors informed SIVB that cab drivers in Solomon Island are unfriendly and their dressing code are not decent.

“Please taxi drivers; I want you to help the tourism industry in Solomon Islands to be our information provider. You must make sure help us to marketing this country by providing a good service and appropriate information about our town.

“Therefore please drivers when you provide services to international visitors or our fellow citizen make sure information you relayed  should be accurate, service you provide should be conducive as well so that our visitors can be happy and can relay your hospitality  to their family members back home so when they return home and  we should have more visitors into our country in the future,” Ms Unusi said .

A similar information sharing workshop for other taxi firm in Honiara will be organised soon.