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SolRice promotion a big hit

22 April 2015

SolRice recently launched their biggest ever promotion, with prizes worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars to be won by consumers of SolRais 20 and 10kg products.

The promotion started on the 2nd April and will run until the 30th of June.

Consumers win cash by buying SolRais 20 kg nd 10kg packs, cutting out the stickers on the pack and collecting them to match to the numbers published in the newspapers each Wednesday.

Nick Ellis, General Manager of SolRice said, “this promotion is our biggest ever and will go a long way towards rewarding our loyal consumers who can now win major cash prizes just for continuing to eat the rice brand they love so much.

“My team and I are very excited about the win cash with SolRais promotion, and we have a lot of hard working people at SolRice Distribution Centre unloading and stickering each 20 and 10kg bag to ensure anybody in the country who buys SolRais has a chance of winning some very welcome cash.”

The idea to put together the win cash with SolRais promotion came up in the early part of this year when sales of SolRais were down due to the impact of Christmas and school fee’s particularly on our consumers wallets.

“SolRice wanted to put some cash back into our consumers hands and have some fun with the consumer too at the same time. What better way to do this than to provide the chance to win up to $50,000 dollars while eating your favourite rice?” said Mr Ellis.

“Our great distributor team have really got behind this promotion and they have helped us distribute posters to the retail stores to really get the message about the promotion out there to our consumers’ SolRice has also invested a large sum in advertising win cash with SolRais across newspapers, radio, billboards, flags and other advertising materials to ensure nobody was unaware that the promotion was up and running.

Mr Ellis also explained that the draw for the winning numbers takes place each Tuesday with a police presence in the office to ensure that the draw is seen to be fair and legitimate.

He added: “Its very important for the consumers to know that if their sticker is not a lucky sticker one week, it could be the next, so don’t throw them away, hold onto them until the promotion is completed when the last set of numbers are selected and advertised in the first week of July.”

“That week, the prizes will include the big prize of $50,000 dollars, all stickers will be eligible for this great prize, so we recommend our consumers collect as many stickers as possible between now and then to give themselves the best opportunity to win big!”