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SIVB informs operators about international promotion

01 June 2015

NEWLY registered North Malaita Tourism Association (NMTA) and people of North Malaita in Malaita Province have been informed about the new marketing approach conducted internationally by the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB).

SIVB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Josefa Tuamoto highlighted this during a stopover at Malu’u substation last Tuesday.

Mr Tuamoto said, its the first time and history for Solomon Islands to be engaged in major media promotion in Australia.

“SIVB has taken a new marketing approach internationally where we have been featured in the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Mail and Sydney Morning Herald in a quarter page of the front page.

“This was first time ever that we are shouting in Australia to say there is a country in the pacific called Solomon Islands and a place to visit. And to tell you operators here we are very happy once all your products are ready and SIVB is more happy to work with you promote your products internationally,” Mr Josefa said.

He added that Malaita Province have all the best products that needs to be informed to the outside world.

“Malaita have best product that are still intact that needs to be shouted out. But the problem is you are hiding your products.

“Therefore I’m encouraging you operators here to work closely with your new association and SIVB so that we can able to promote your products internationally,” he said.

The Fijian CEO calls on all operators in North Malaita to cooperate and work together to develop tourism in the region.

“You must work together and open up your land for development and stop land dispute to allow development to flourish here.”

North Malaita Tourism Association (NMTA) Chairman John Suifalu thanked the tourism delegation for their visit.

“This is a historical visit that is being conducted by such a high level delegation.

 “We normally have our MPs visiting us, but today is the first time to host such a high level delegation from the government to come down to see our people here,” he said.

The chairman pointed out that north Malaita is a potential area with its unique culture as afar tourism industry is concern.

“North Malaita is a potential area with its unique culture and people here are lovely people who can showcase their culture to visitors.”

The delegation was led by Minister of Culture and Tourism Bartholomew Parapola.