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Malu’u tourism operators request additional police officers

01 June 2015

TOURISM operators in Malu’u, North Malaita, Malaita Province are requesting Police Commissioner to deploy additional police officers to Malu’u police station to boost security work in that region.

Chairman of the newly formed North Malaita Tourism Association (NMTA) John Suifalu highlighted this during a visit to Malu’u sub-station by a high level tourism delegation last Tuesday.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Bartholomew Parapola led the delegation.

Mr Suifalu said, currently there are only few police officers being posted there looking after the northern region.

“North Malaita is one of the biggest regions in Malaita Province and in terms of security there are not enough police officers to curb the criminal activities here. So we need additional police officers.”

Mr Suifalu said, people of North Malaita are kind and peaceful people.

“Our people here are kind and peaceful people but we wish to request an additional police to maintain law and order as well as carry out an awareness work within the communities.”

Mr Suifalu thanked police officers who are currently serving in Malu’u police for their sacrifice and effort to curb criminal activities happening around the region.