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Silentworld’s ten years of service and support to our economy

01 June 2015

Silentworld Shipping and Logistics directly contributed over SBD$500,000,000 into the country’s economy over the past ten years,

This was highlighted on Saturday night when the company celebrated its 10th anniversary since its establishment in Solomon Islands.

This is one of the facts the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Meyric Slimming highlighted when reflecting’s the company’s inception.

Mr Slimming said, the company started with a humble beginning when they departed Vanuatu on April 2005 on MV Silent One.

He said, initially they came to Solomon Islands to provide support for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) Law and Justice Program.

The programmes include court circuits from Duffs and Utupua to Shortland and Choiseul, witness transfers from the Weathercoast, HF medical radio installation from Tikopia to Mono, distribution of medical supplies, distribution of Education books and visits, transfers of prisoners and distribution of ballot boxes.

He said, from the period of 2005-2008 they continue to grow by providing domestic shipping services for business companies to the provinces and expanded with arrival of Santo Star in 2007, Western Star in 2008, Torress Star and Jackpot in 2009.

In 2010-2013 the Silentworld Shipping Logistics took delivery of a passenger vessel Discovery 360 that provided transport services from Honiara to Auki in Malaita province.

He said from 2013 and present they have joint venture with NPF to operate the Sasape International Shipyard, provide shipping agency and freight forwarding, provide fuel sales and distribution, fuel resellers and Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions.

Apart from businesses they also supported sports through sponsorships and assist organisations through donations.

He said, after 10 years in Solomon Islands they have contributed to the economy of the country.

“In our ten years of business, we directly contributed over $500,000,000 to the economy and we have paid our taxes-every last drop.

“We have in tandem with the National Provident Fund, assisted a new macro economy in Tulagu, greatly increased provinces business with our regular shipping schedules, employ over 200 staff of which are 98 percent local and have had influence in almost every Islands from Tikopia, Duffs, Reefs, Da Isand, Sikiana, Ontong Java, Mono, Rennel and Bellona along with the major and more well known Islands,” he said.

Mr Slimming said they will continue do business in Solomon Islands and work in partnership with business partners, business houses, individuals, provincial government and the national government.

He acknowledged the clients and business partners for having trust in them and supported them in one way or the other for the past ten years.

A good number of guests, officials, clients, staff and supporters of the company joined in the celebration.

By Charles Kadamana