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New data services for Bmobile-Vodafone

01 June 2015

Bmobile-Vodafone have upgraded their data services at the end of May in conjunction with their new data product launch and new coverage areas starting June:

Bmobile-Vodafone are delighted to announce that they have successfully upgraded their data services on Tuesday May 26th.

This improved service was completed by both the bmobile-Vodafone and the Huawei teams working closely together.

This upgrade to their GGSN network now will give bmobile-Vodafone a much improved data service with more capacity and faster speeds.

The service will enable customers to watch videos without any interruptions. This project took many weeks of hard work and testing to ensure it worked successfully.

 There were a few interruptions in this process during May to their data service however this is now working smoothly and most importantly the upgrade is successfully completed.

In conjunction with this new upgrade bmobile-Vodafone will be launching a new data product called Magic on the 1st of June which will bring data prices down to 13 cents per mb the lowest priced data deal available.

This double combination of a faster service and a better price will give their customers exactly what they are looking for in June. The more you use the better the price policy will be now in place for their customers. New advertising will be displayed in June all around Honiara town to communicate these new improvements.

The upgrades on the system will also improve their customers international voice call quality overseas as this voice traffic goes out through their new satellite set-up. Two new 3G+ towers will go on in early June for Honiara one in Chovuri Ridge and the other in the Ranadai area.

Four more towers will then be completed in Honiara before mid-July to ensure every area has coverage and accessibility to the new quicker 3G+ services.