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New Auki tourism office construction starts July

01 June 2015

CONSTRUCTION work for the new provincial tourism office in Auki, Malaita Province will start next month.

This was revealed by the Permanent Secretary (PS) for Culture and Tourism (MCT) John Wasi.

Mr Wasi told the Solomon Star last week that the construction work will start in July.

 “Construction work for the new Auki tourism office is expected to start next month.

“So far we have already identified potential company to build this new office,” Mr Wasi said.

He pointed out that MCT have constructed two new offices in the country, one in Gizo and the second one in Auki.

“We have two new provincial offices in the provinces Gizo and Auki.”

He said the main idea behind the establishment of the offices is to bring down tourism staff so that rural operators in the provinces can access information and work closely with the government.

“Many times operators have found it very hard to reach the head office in Honiara so we build these offices to enable rural people access information,” Mr Wasi said.

 Other provinces will have their turn in the near future, Mr Wasi said.

Mr Wasi urged people in Western and Malaita Provinces to look after their offices and make use of it.

Solomon Island Government (SIG) through the Ministry for Culture and Tourism (MCT) are funding the project.