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New Bmobile/Vodafone tower in Ranadi

30 July 2015

AS part of Bmobile/Vodafone expansion in the country a new tower is set to go on air tomorrow within the Ranadi area, east of Honiara.

In a statement on Thursday the company’s Country Manager Niall Downey confirmed another new bmobile Vodafone site will go on air on the 1st of August.

“It is another SST 40 meter tower designed to give improved 3G+ and voice coverage to the Ranadi area in East Honiara,” he said.

He said, this is the seventh site to go on air in Honiara in the past twelve weeks.

“It will give excellent coverage to Panatina ridge and the Solomon Islands National University.”

He highlighted the new site will also give good voice and data coverage down the coast to the Markwarth oil refinery area in Lunga.

Mr Downey said, the final site of this project in Honiara will go on air on the 12th of August in Rove and this site will cover the Rove and Tandai areas and give massively improved 3G+ coverage in this important residential area of West Honiara.

“This will complete and ensure that Bmobile/Vodafone have no blackspots of coverage in Honiara and cover the whole town with voice and 3G+ coverage.”

The Bmobile/Vodafone Solomon Islands boss said, in the past 14 months the technical team have rolled out an additional 15 3G+ sites in Honiara to cater for the growing population and demands of their customer base.