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Our Telekom explains red hot issues

05 August 2015

THE ‘Red Hot’ plans will be here forever says Our Telekom.

The company’s Public Relation Officer Lawrence Nodua explained this following disappointment from our Telekom customers around the country who are unhappy about the Red Hot special.

Mr Nodua the told Solomon Star, Tuesday, the special deal will be here to stay.

“Red-Hot plans are here to stay. We have not removed that product line. The individual offers however are subject to change.

“The change is to preserve overall better calling and mobile internet experience for everyone as after 2 months of evaluation the popularity of the plans coupled with dramatic customer take up has put immense pressure on our mobile network, which has begun to show early signs of degradation of quality of service,” Mr Nodua said.

He said, in order for customers to enjoy quality calls Our Telekom had to scale back on its plan offers and will introduce new specials.

“We are however now re-dimensioning a new plan (will appear as Red-hot Specials), which will offer greater value for your spending and also better network pressure balance, now that we know the load details on our network. These Red-Hot plans will be offered soon,” Mr Nodua explained.

Its understood that during the Red Hot Specials especially for the voice call, the network has been congested from time to time making it hard sometimes to make and receive calls.