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‘Parliament needs more women’

Representations of women in the parliament are often quite hard for many to accept in Solomon Islands parliament.

Public servants warned

‘Stay out of the public debates’

Catholic youths enact the passion of Christ

CATHOLIC youths of the Holy Cross Cathedral in Honiara enacted the annual drama of the passion of the Christ in front of hundreds of people along the street yesterday morning.

Easter Vigil Message

As we celebrate to Easter Vigil, we are entering the most crucial and mysterious period of time.  On the part of the disciples and those who were close to Jesus, it was a time of confusion, a time of loneliness, doubts, and uncertainties. But more than this, it is a time of darkness and death. Jesus is dead…Jesus is in darkness. God is dead…God is in darkness.

The Fall of MP. Steve Abana

Dear Editor -  To liberate Fataleka from the bondage of poor leadership you needa super and dynamic intervention approach.

Thank you Taiwan

Dear Editor – Since we are in the Easter season, a time to reflect and thank our Savor Jesus Christ, as a Christian I wish to thank a friend who has been silently supporting Solomon Islands’ growth.

Food security crucial

Dear Editor – Following the national General Election on 3 April 2019 there are said to be moves in hand for a coalition grouping to form the new Solomon Islands government.

Betel nut - cancerous and addictive

Dear Editor – In the Solomon Islands betel nut is grown locally and the selling of betel nuts provides an essential source of income for many households.

Dive operators to form body

A MAJOR step forward for the future promotion and development of the Solomon Islands dive tourism sector, the destination’s main dive operators have agreed to combine resources to create a formal representative body – Dive Operators Solomon Islands (DOSI).

Manele explains party decision


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