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Relief for local students in PNG

24 April 2014

MORE than 50 Solomon Islands student studying at the University of Technology in Lae, PNG, have renewed their hope to continue this academic year as embattled vice chancellor Dr Albert Schram from Australia is re-instated last week.

Post Courier paper reports stated that student’s staged mass protest whilst boycotting classes and refusing to open administrative operations within the institution for the past five weeks.

Students accused the government of misdemeanor in the plight leading to Dr Schrams’ sacking in 2012 by the university council, which eventually led to his deportation from the country.

Solomon Island students Association (SISA) president John Basikona said his members once again put a smile on their faces and took part in the procession to welcome Dr Schram’s arrival at Lae’s Nazdab airport.

“Our only worry since the protest came about concerns mass withdrawal from the school but since Dr Schram is back, we can now look forward in continuing our educational journey,” Mr Basikona said.

“We have to remain neutral for the whole of last month and witness the protest going,” he added.

Under Solomon Island government’s scholarship policy, students should not participate or involve in any political activities of a host country as in doing so will result in termination of their awards.

The recommencement of classes this week means they have 13 weeks of schooling before the first semester ends.

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