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Mbokona teachers touch hearts of flood victims

24 April 2014

ABOUT 15 flood victims taking shelter at Mbokona School welfare centre in Honiara received donation of clothes from teachers of the school, Wednesday.

The donation was an initiative of the school teachers to assist the victims.

Up to 9,400 flood victims are living in welfare centres in Honiara.

Monica Oti, a senior teacher of the school, said that the donation was their contribution towards the humanitarian efforts being rendered to victims.

She said since their school was picked as one of the welfare centres, the teachers decided to give a helping hand.

“We have provided lunch and dinner to the victims the other day,” Ms Oti said.

“Today, we’ve decided to hand over the clothes we’ve collected,” she said.

Ms Oti added apart from the clothes, the teachers also donated uncooked food supplies, toiletries, eating utensils, and laundry items.

“We have taken this initiative because these people are staying at our school.

“It would be irresponsible of us to just ignore them while we know they’ve lost almost everything they used to have, during the floods.”

Ms Oti also said she was happy that a mother who gave birth while sheltering at the school, name her baby girl Monica, after her.

“My name-sake is now a week old and I’m glad to see her growing up healthy.”

Meanwhile, one of the victims Allen Sauru who lost his home at Koa Hill settlement thanked the teachers for their kind heart.

He said the teachers have gone beyond their normal duty to actually donate from their heart.

“These teachers have been with us since day one, helping to feed us, and just staying around to give us their support,” Mr Sauru said.

“We cannot thank them enough.

“They truly have a kind heart. We will never forget their kindness as long as we live.

“They mean so much to us,” Mr Sauru said.