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Court asked to take note of rebellious youth behaviour

24 April 2014

THE Director of Public Prosecutions Ronald Bei Talasasa on Wednesday raises his concerns at the increasing rebellious behavour of youths nowadays.

He was presenting his sentencing submission on the case of Mariano Besa who pleaded guilty to an unlawful wounding charge.

Mr Talasasa said the point raised was in relation to the kind of attitude that seems prevalent among youths in Solomon Islands.

“If your Lordship looks upon the face of Solomon Islands, you would realise that various islands in the country have varying degrees of youthful anti-social behaviour,” Mr Talasasa said.

“Perhaps the events of the past particularly that which relates to the problems in Guadalcanal some 10 or so years, makes our communities more vulnerable to such behavour.

“If one takes a look at Guadalcanal for example, some homes can be intruded upon at ease,” the DPP said.

He added that in Munda, it now seems so easy for rebellious or unhappy people to burn down houses.

“What was so rare in the pasts now seems so prevalent.

“People can now take the law into their own hands so easily, nowadays.”

Mr Talasasa urged the court to take note of this trend and punish like offenders appropriately.

In relation to Besa’s case, he said the court must send a message that such attitudes will not be tolerated.

“A person who handles dangerous elements must do so with care.

“If it is illegal to handle, do not,” he said.