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24 April 2014

Masked men attack shop-owner took off with cash

POLICE are continuing their hunt for the group of men who robbed a shop and seriously injured its owner at the Kukum shopping centre at around 9:30pm, Wednesday.

Police media reported that the eight masked men, who were armed with bush knives and other iron weapons (materials) barged their way into a shop that was about to close, injuring the shop owner, took out the cash box and then fled in a car up the Florence Young road.

“Investigations are well underway for the men who robbed the shop and left the owner in critical condition with injuries to his head and hands,” a police spokesman said.

“The masked men then left in a car heading up the Florence Young School.

“We are still obtaining statements from witnesses in a hope of getting some identification which will lead us to these suspects,” the spokesman added.

The incident happened as shops within the Kukum shopping area were still open.

People fled out to the main roads in panic, after seeing the incident, witnesses said.

“It all happened so fast. All I saw was masked men with bush knifes walk directly to the shop, and started cutting, I don’t know what it was they were cutting, but it looked like the person sitting on the counter,” one witness recalled.

Another said that as soon as they heard screams, they fled the scene, only to see a car speeding off behind them and then calls for help began.

Meanwhile, the public has been urged to report to police any information that can help with their investigation.



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