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Public told to watch out for con woman

24 April 2014

CITY mayor Andrew Mua has warned the public of a woman who goes around collecting money from victims in evacuation centres in return for promises of relief supplies.

“This con woman collects what she claimed as registration fees, telling victims, unless they register, they will receive no supplies,” Mr Mua said.

“Let me remind the public, and in particular the flood victims, that there is no such thing as this,” the city mayor added.

“This person is simply a con-woman and the public must watch out for her.

“She went around passing wrong information with false promises that only confuses people. Her actions have caused tensions in the centres as people get confused and angry at authorities,” Mr Mua said.

Early this week, an argument broke out at the Panatina evacuation centre between council officials and those at the centre as a result of false information passed to the people by this woman.

The Solomon Star understands this lady went around telling people that Honiara City Council has misused a lot of funds that should have been used for relief supplies.

This resulted in a tense argument on Tuesday between council officials and those at Panatina evacuation centre.

“If anyone wants to get the right information, please come to council or the National Disaster Management Office to clear their doubts.

“I must also make it clear that council does not have any money nor is using any money. Council is only assisting NDMO and other organisations in the logistics of food supplies,” Mr Mua clarified.

He urged good people of Honiara to cooperate with the council, NDMO and other NGO’s who work tirelessly to ensure relief supplies reach them.