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Customers flee in fear and panic as robbery unfolds

24 April 2014

PEOPLE fled in fear and panic onto the Kukum highway after a group of masked men entered and robbed a shop at the Kukum shopping centre on Wednesday night.

People who were doing their evening shopping fled most of the shops at Kukum, some even left their shopping on the roads and in the stores when the robbery took place.

“People were running everywhere, screaming as a group of masked men came out of a shop with what appeared to be a cash register box and then sped off in the direction of Florence Young School,” an eye witness told the Solomon Star.

“Those in the store that was robbed were calling out for help as someone was injured during the robbery,” the eye-witness added.

Another witness said that the gang robbers entered the building before it closed with bush knives and other iron materials as weapons.

“They just barged in, ordered the Chinese shop owner to hand them the cash box.

“When he first refused they cut him with a knife, that was how he was injured,” another witness said.

Meanwhile Police are continuing their hunt for the group.

Police said that so far investigations are well underway and called on the public with information to report it to them.