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Pools forming upstream Mataniko

24 April 2014

CITY major Andrew Mua says five pools were discovered to have been formed upstream of the Mataniko river following the April 3 flooding.

And he said these pools need the attention of authorities because they pose threats to lives of those living downstream, including Honiara.

The pools were discovered by a group of boys from Guadalcanal Mr Mua sent to explore upstream Mataniko following earlier reports that a huge dam was formed there after the floods.

Disaster authorities earlier dispatched a helicopter to check on the reported dam but found nothing.

Mr Mua said he was concerned so decided to send the group of boys.

“I have a grave concern for residents of the city and wanted to prove if reports of the dam are true.

“So I sent the boys to go and take photos of the pools to let people know about the truth behind reports of pools forming upstream.

“As head of the city, it is my responsibility not to let city residents live in fear but to ascertain the reports and warn them of the dangers,” the mayor said.

He said with the discovery, people must move away from the river banks because the unexpected had already happened and this country doesn’t want to go through similar situation just because of people’s arrogance and ignorance.

One of the boys who went with the group said the pools were created by landslide and debris from the recent bad weather.

“There are five pools formed from landslide and debris as a result of the heavy rain,” he said.

“If it continues to rain heavily, water stored in these pools could cause severe damage than the previous flash flood,” he added.

He said they also discovered a huge World War II bomb upstream.

“The bomb needs to be safely disposed. If the water carries it downstream, it would pose threats to lives.”

Mr Mua said he will inform the National Disaster Management Office about the discovery.