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Tran dresses constituency flood victims

24 April 2014

WEST Honiara Member of Parliament has made a second wave of assistance to flood victims of his constituency.

This time, Namson Tran donated clothes and blankets.

Constituency Development Officer (CDO) on behalf of the MP delivered 50 clothing bales through the White River Dorcas group.

“This is the continuous support of the MP towards those affected by the floods.

“Immediately after the floods, Mr Tran reacted and dispatched tones of food to evacuation shelters in his constituency.

“Now, as the Government through the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) takes up responsibilities over food and other stuff, the MP wanted to ensure those people get proper clothing and blankets,” Mr Taupiri said.

As such, 50 mix and linen bales were delivered on Thursday to the Church compound.

“The White River Dorcas will take the responsibility of equally sharing the clothes to the disaster victims.

“We decided to use community or church groups for this exercise because they have been working with the victims and know well the composure of the camps.”

Mr Taupiri added that the donations come directly from the MP’s own pocket because funds intended for the victims are yet to be released.

White River Dorcas leader Francina Turueke assured the MP and his CDO that the donations will get to those affected equally.

“We’ve worked with those people and know well what the shelters are composed of, therefore we’re happy to take up this responsibility.

“We thanked the MP for the support and for seeing the importance of the problem.

“Mr Tran is a man who leads by example. He stretches his helping hand to almost everyone equally.”