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Elders concern about pornographic materials

18 May 2014

The spread of domestically produced pornographic materials in Auki town has sparked criticism from community and church elders and the police.

Over the past weeks, pornographic materials allegedly produced by various individuals in Auki have been in circulation.

But this has not gone down well with elders within communities and churches, who said that such ungodly materials should not have been made at all, adding that such materials should be kept out of the hands of children.

“Pornographic materials either produced for private or public should not at all be made,” one elder spoken to said.

“Such are an ungodly and unholy practice or attitude that young people in Auki should refrain from.

“I do pray that those involved in these materials find means to destroy it; however I doubt that such would be possible as with the ever growing technology, once such material starts circulating then it can never be stopped,” the elder said.

When asked about the matter, a spokesman from the Police Media Office in Honiara said that pornography is illegal in the country.

He added that those found producing or involved in such practices or materials would be prosecuted.

However he added that up to now no complaints or reports have reached their office.

“Until a complaint or report reaches us, police will not investigate rumours”.