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SINU loses 12 computers to burglars

18 May 2014

Solomon Islands National University (SINU) lost 12 computers when burglars broke into their computer lab in the early hours of Friday.

The incident came as a shock to the university because the computer lab at Panatina campus was the most secured building of all SINU facilities.

A spokesman said while they had break-ins previously, this was the first time the computer lab was broken into.

“This is a huge blow for the university and its students,” he said.

“This was another disaster after having to go without classes for almost a month due to the flood victims occupying our classes,” the spokesman added.

A lecturer spoken to said this was unbelievable.

“We’ve just started classes Monday and on Friday, and now our 12 computers are gone. Can you believe this?”

He also questioned the police’s slow response to the matter.

“We called the police in the morning and it was not until late in the afternoon before the police arrived.

“How would you expect them to investigate the case when possible evidence may have already been tampered with?”

He said Waikato University in New Zealand donated the computers in 2011.

Another SINU employee spoken to said on the evening of Thursday, a group of boys holding knives walked up to the SINU pavilion where the flood victims were occupying.

 “That was around 8.30- 9.00pm and a vehicle was parked at the road side.

“I think the break-in was done between 10.30pm to 12 am,” he said.

A security guard spoken to said the matter is now a police case.