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No clarity yet on relocation, rehabilitation

24 May 2014

RELOCATION and rehabilitation of flood victims still has no clear answers.

Answering questions raised in parliament in relation to the issue, Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo said the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is working on the subject.

“There is now currently a discussion that is going on between Lands and the NDMO to look at ways of relocation and we would work within the resources that we have to determine when that will happen,” Mr Lilo said.

He however said resources and budget are tight.

“Unfortunately Sir, as you know, we don’t have luxury of resources if I could say that because we have quite very important public activities this year that is already within the budget.

“However this disaster is unforeseen and we have to make a decision to allocate resources in it as well Sir. 

“So let’s allow the NDMO to complete that part and then it will be formally announced by the National Disaster Council where will the next stages for permanent relocations or restoration and rehabilitation for those people.”

East Honiara MP Douglas Ete questioned why the process is very slow and when the plan can be materialised.

The Prime Minister insisted that the NDMO is working on plans.

“The NDMO is still working on this comprehensive plan for the short term, medium and the long term rehabilitation and restoration of lives of those victims and their task as we are now speaking is very much at the forefront of the responsibility of the NDMO and NDC. “

Asked if there are other possibilities apart from relocation, the Prime Minister said those people cannot return to where they were.

“We won’t allow them to go back so the relocation has to be the issue here.”