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MMF: Ask your MPs why absent

24 May 2014

Malaiata Ma’asina Forum (MMF) president has urged all constituents throughout the country to question their members of parliament why they never attended parliament meetings.

Charles Dausabea pointed out that the attitude of current MPs in missing parliament meetings has shown to their people they have no interest and concern for them, but only for themselves.

“Why did MPs miss out on parliament meetings? This is the reason why they are being elected to go and sit in parliament and represent the voices of their people in debating issues and contribute to issues of national interest.

“But instead of doing that, they just went on and busy with their own private business. Is this the kind of leaders constituents want to represent them? Dausabea asked.

He stressed that the attitude and behavior of MPs in missing parliament meetings have shown clearly that these people have no interest at all in their people’s issues.

Dausabea said people of this country must not be fooled and remain ignorant to choosing who they want this coming election.

Adding this is the first in the history of this country for the parliament to adjourn its meeting every now and then due to no quorum or number to enable a meeting to eventuate.

Meanwhile Dausabea called on the Governor General to use his reserve powers to just dissolve parliament since the attitude of these current leaders does not reflect well of the leaders.

“What the current MPs are doing now is go on and busy with their own private business. So why should we keep the current government going?

“What if these meetings continue to adjourn until the end of the government term? So I call on the GG to step in and dissolve the current house because the MPs are wasting time and misusing public money for doing nothing,” Dausabea added.

By Daniel Namosuaia