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Atori Police needs renovation

24 May 2014

ATOIRI Police Station and staff housing need swift renovation.

Officers of Atori Police Post in East Kwara’ae, Malaita province are calling on their superiors and responsible authorities to conduct quick and swift assessment and renovation of staff housing and the Police post itself.

Spokesperson for the Atori police, Michael Ramosaea said that currently both the post and staff houses are rotting away, adding that much of the houses there need renovation.

“We can’t hardly sleep or work whenever there is heavily rain in our region.

“This is because rain comes straight into the house through the leaked roofs.

“We need our superiors and other responsible authorities to look into this concern and make swift actions as we cannot stand it anymore,” Mr Ramosaea said.

Mr Ramosaea said that currently the officers working their use their own money to patch up some of the leaked and rotting parts of the houses, something they said should be done by authorities.

By William Ekotani
In Auki