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Criticized for double standard

24 May 2014

The Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) has again criticizes the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and RAMSI to apply two different laws in this country when dealing with offenders.

Forum president Charles Dausabea made the statement by referring to the long standing issue of the two ton beach-de-mer that has gone missing without a trace eight months ago, the tourism funds, cattle funds etc.

Mr Dausabea questioned police why it has taken them too long to make any arrests on those involved in these corrupt dealings.

“This nation can’t trust the police force anymore because the police is playing a double standard on how it applies the laws. There is a different law that applies to ordinary citizens of this country and another applies to government leaders and senior government officials,” Dausabea said.

He said the recent statement by the acting police commissioner that they are currently prioritizing the recent riot over the beach-de-mer issue is a clear picture of how incapable she was to lead the force.

In a police press conference yesterday Ms Juanita Matanga told the press police is still concentrating on its operations relating to last week’s looting and rioting.

MMF heavily criticized her statement, questioning what police has been doing over the past years and months.

“Was the issue of the beach de-mer not important? These resources could fetch roughly $10 million in revenue for the country, and yet you (Ms Matanga) see it not important when it is almost eight years since the issue had happened? You are holding this nation at ransom. It clearly shows of a poor leadership and incapability,” Dausabea said.

The president questioned why in his case they arrest and put him in jail before any investigations was taken while in the case of the beach-de-mer, evidences are there and yet those culprits are not arrested.

He claimed this is how RAMSI is corrupting the force. “If RAMSI and the RSIPF can arrest me before investigating me for any evidences, why not do to those involved in this beach-de-mer sage, the cattle funds, the tourism funds etc.?” Dausabea questioned.

He stressed that RAMSI should just leave the force alone since the way in which the force is being led and advised did not gain any public trust but just hatred.

He said this country does not have a place for a selective force but a united force has public trust and respect and holds its integrity and principals intact.

Meanwhile Dausabea therefore urges the police to act quickly or they will seek a peaceful protest anytime soon.

By Daniel Namosuaia