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Victims: Where are the millions of dollars?

19 June 2014

VICTIMS of the April floods have questioned the government and its relevant authorities where the millions of dollars that were poured into the country for flood victims went and spent.

Speaking to this paper in an interview yesterday, chairman of the victims committee said they are anxious to know how these millions of dollars have been spent.

“We heard and read about millions of dollars pouring into the country to assist victims. But where are these monies and how are they spent?

“We want to know and if possible if the government and its relevant authorities like the NDMO to show us the breakdown of their expenditures,” Mr Ketea said.

He said they heard of millions of dollars to assist victims but just after three months, the NDMO said their budget to assist victims at the camps have run dry therefore has to close the camps.

The chairman said the explanation the director of NDMO gave to them when they raise this question to him in their meeting is not satisfactory.

Mr Ketea said the NDMO director told them that part of the millions of dollars have been turned into non food items.

“The director of NDMO said some of the funds have been turned into non-food items.

“But what we know is only other NGOs like Red Cross and World Vision provided such items and not NDMO. Why NDMO said they have no more budget to keep the camps operational?” Mr Ketea asked.

He stressed that it is only three months and they have been advised there is no more funds to keep them at the camps.

The chairman said the government and the NDMO have to come out clear with this because it does not reflect well on the government and its authorities and call on them to provide a report of their expenditure for the three months.



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