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Principal threatens to sue his teachers

19 June 2014

EMBATTLED principal of Mbokonavera Shool in Honiara has threatened to sue his staff who are staging a sit-in protest for his removal.

Saniel Kako issued the threat yesterday as the sit-in protest entered its third day yesterday while the school remained closed.

“I cannot comment on the actions of the teachers, rather I will be suing them,” Mr Kako responded when the Solomon Star asked for comments.

Spokesman for the teachers John Iromea said the sit-in protest will continue until Mr Kako is removed.

He urged the school board and the Honiara City Council education board to take action and remove the principal.

They accused the principal of collaborating with the former chairman of the school to draw cheques from the school’s bank account, an action the teachers alleged amount to stealing.

The council’s chief education officer Wayne Koepule said his office was aware of the situation.

“This is another unfortunate situation for our children after the April disaster, which forced the closure of this school as it was used as an evacuation centre,” Mr Kopule said.

“We on Tuesday and agreed to negotiate with the teachers to return to classes while we investigate the allegation,” he said.

“We’ll talk to the teachers so that classes can resume.

Former school board chairman Charles Matanani, who was removed in March this year, could not be reached for comments.