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Suibaea: Malaita Star comes at the right time

20 June 2014

MALAITA premier Edwin Suibaea yesterday hailed the launch of Malaita Star, describing it as a timely initiative for his province.

Mr Suibaea was the guest of honour at the launch of the news magazine, a new publication the Solomon Star Company is producing for the province.

“This initiative comes at the right time because we need to educate the population at large if we want them to become active partners in development of the province,” the premier said.

“The media plays an important role in this. The Malaita Star provides an avenue for the province to achieve such in the greatest of ways,” Mr Suibaea said.

He added that people need accurate information about the problems they face and how to deal with them in effective ways.

“Information on government, politics, economy, social issues, environment, education, climate change are all important for planning of a better tomorrow.

“With the Malaita Star now available to us at our door step, I believe it is the most effective means of improving, boosting, and changing the negative image of the province which the outside world portrays of us,” Mr Suibaea said.

Meanwhile, the Malaita premier also urged the Solomon Star company to venture out into other regions in the province and get people’s views on interesting issues happening around the province.

“We have a total of five regions and it would be good to see the Malaita Star develop and venture out into all these regions.

“It is time we tell the world the untold stories, achievements and good important deeds of Malaita people which is also of prime importance as far as development is concerned,” Premier Suibaea said.

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