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CBR conducts human rights training in Central Province

25 June 2014

THE nineth Human Rights Training organised by Community Based Rehabiliation Unit of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services was held at Tulagi, Central Province, on June 18 and 19.

This training is a continious advocacy and awareness raising on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities carried out throughout the country to Community Based Rehabilitation workers and stakeholders.

A total of 18 participants attended the training.

They include  Health Promotion, Nursing Acting Director, Nursing Training , Primary Health Care, TB/Leprosy program, Hospital Administration, Provincial Accounts, Physical Planning, Agriculture, Vector Borne Disease Control Program, Education, Women’s Development Divison, Provincial Government, SSEC Church, Health Division, Fisheries Division, Community Based Rehabilitation and Provincial Secretary.

Participants have spoken very highly of the training because for most of them it is their first time to attend such training which gave them the opportunity to learn about the sources of  laws in the country.

These include human rights, democracy, three arms of government, good governance, media advocacy, human rights, development and poverty alleviation, human rights based approach, International Bill of Rights,effective and efficient delivery of public goods and services, community Based Rehabililtation guildeline and models and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

According to Acting Director Nursing, Salote Rukale, a female participant, the training was an eye opener for her as she expressed that it has increased her knowledge to understand more into how best she can improve the services as a Nursing Manager and particularly to recognise the inclusion and delivery of  services to people with disabilities in the province.

Provincial Planning Officer John Rapemora said that this training  was a worthwhile exercise  which helped him realised that all citizens as humanbeings have rights, including people with disabilities, as these rights are embedded in our National Constitution including the International Bill of Rights and the Human Rights Conventions.

He said that the knowledge gained will help him to advocate for people with disabilities in his field of work, particularly in the area of planning and hope to make some chances in the province for the best interest of an inclusive society for all in development.

A way forward Plan was developed as an outcome of the training by the participants as this sets as an intitial collaborative partnership initiative.

CBR was invited to participate in the annual Eccuminical Youth Rally held on Thursday night to raise the awareness on the Convention, organised by two particpants of the training Pr. Joash Hoto and Steven Larry in collaboration with the events organising committee.

The Community Based Rehabilitation Unit acknowledged the presence of the Provincial Secretary in the training as participant and  also for making the arrangement for the use of Education Training room.

The Provincial Education is also acknowledged for making the venue avaliable for the training.

This gesture was a recognition and realisation in supporting services for people with disabilities.

The Community Based Rehabilitation guideline is a multisectoral approach initiated by World Health Organisationa as a strategy which can contribute to implementation of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and of disability inclusive national legislation which can support Community based inclusive development.

The guidline include five broad components which include Health, Education, Livelihood, Social and Empowerment.

Since disability is a cross cutting issue, it takes all sectors to realise the mainstreaming of people with disabilties in their programmes for the best interest of an inclusive society for all.