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Fashion De Hapi Isles dresses gov’t workers

25 June 2014

GOVERNMENT officers working at the Maritime Division and the High Court (SIHC) were boosted with new official outfits on Monday.

This was made possible through Fashion De Hapi Isles which imported the outfits from Fiji.

During the official handover, owner Peterson Boso encouraged all government officers to wear their uniforms daily during officially working hours.

“These uniforms were brought in from Fiji and were designed mainly for our working people,” he said.

“We want to promote clean working environment and better public relation. Since you are employed by government you must be neat and your dressing code should always be decent when serving our people and foreigners.

“I believe by wearing these outfits it would boost your work morale.”

Mr Boso said both the producer in Fiji and his company are pleased to help out in supplying the uniforms in order to lift the morale of government officers when doing their duties.

The two organisations have thanked Fashion De Hapi Isles for ordering the outfits.