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Police renew calls for Sae to surrender

25 June 2014

POLICE have called on run-away convict and accused murderer, Edmond Sae to surrender himself up and be given a fair trial.

Malaita Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Alfred Uiga made the call in an interview with Solomon Star.

Sae was accused of gunning down former Police Commissioner and Peace Councillor, Sir Frederick Soaki in February 2003.

Whilst reletaively holding back to elaborate or discuss the issue further because of its sensitivity, Mr Uiga said that the right thing Sae should do is to surrender himself to police and let justice prevail.

“If he (Sae) wants to be free from all this hiding away, he should just give himself up. That would be the wisest thing for him to do, rather than remaining in exile or on the run,” Mr Uiga said.

Whilst conceding that police have not forgotten the issue nor have they called off the hunt for Sae, Mr Uiga was hesitant to discuss the issue further, claiming it to be very sensitive and given that Sae is believed to still be trekking the forests surrounding Auki, Mr Uiga said he would not want to discuss the matter further.

He however, added that police are still waiting on Sae to give himself up, however admitting that following the previous raid which failed to arrest Sae, he also conceded that to have any negotiations with the fugitive at this stage would not be possible as he would not have any confidence in negotiating with the police.

“We will just continue calling on him to surrender and wait on words from our superiors for further plans to carry out with regards to Sae,” Mr Uiga said.