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Villagers happy with feeder road upgrade

26 June 2014

NORTHWEST Guadalcanal constituents have praised their member of parliament Bodo Detke for the road upgrade work in his constituency.

Ezekiel Maeroa, who managed the Aroliugo plantation, said they were pleased to see the positive response from their MP following their request to upgrade the feeder roads in the area.

“Two weeks ago our MP began to use his own resources to upgrade the feeder roads in our constituency after we have requested him to do so. Now that these roads were upgraded, we feel so excited and thanked MP Detke for his positive response,” Mr Maeroa said.

He said the upgrade of these roads will make life much easier for them and especially in transporting their market produce to Honiara.

Mr Maeroa added this is what they want their MP to do since the roads were in a very poor state and makes life and access very difficult for them.

“The bad state of these roads makes life very difficult for us especially women who have to work long distances with our market produces to catch transport to town. Now that the roads are upgraded, we can now travel with ease and comfort and it does makes life easier for us,” women from Vatukulau said.

MP Detke upgraded the feeder roads of Aruliugo, the Aruligo station road, Vatukulae feeder road and the feeder road leading up to old St Paul school that provided access to Horabau and Dudui communities.

Mr Detke also upgraded the Isidoro playing field and Staff houses.

“We are pleased to see the work being done by Hon Detke to our school.

“The school is thankful and glad that what the school does not have in its budget has already been done by Hon Detke,” Br George, who is the Director of St Isidoro Aruliugo care centre, said.

Meanwhile, Constituency development officer John Zuga Jnr said the MP is pleased to assist his people.

Mr Zuga said although no funds from the government are available to undertake the upgrade work, Mr Detke has to dig deep into his pocket to assist his people.

He said the MP has seen the need of the people and want to ensure their needs are met in time after so many years of hardship and difficulties.