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Some political parties will refuse to register

24 July 2014

Some political parties that have sitting Members of Parliament (MP) will refuse to register their parties even if the new enacted Political Parties Integrity Bill requires political parties to do to contest general elections.

Political party leaders spoken to have said they will not register their political parties because the new Political Parties Integrity Act is not mandatory, but optional.

It is understood they have hinted their stand while they discussed the issue with the Political Parties Commission this week.

But consultants engaged by the Commission had earlier told the People’s Alliance Party that registration of political parties contesting the national elections is mandatory.

Meanwhile, the People’s Alliance Party and the revamped United Party of Solomon Islands said they will try to do everything possible required under the new Act to get their parties registered so they can contest the 2014 national elections.

And the Prime Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo is reported to be urging the supporters of his Rural Advancement Party to do everything they can to register.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission and the government have been discussing the day Solomon Islands will go to the polls this year.

Unofficially, they have been talking about holding the elections either on October 29 or November 2.

By George Atkin
In Honiara