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Toddler drowns at FOPA pool

28 July 2014

A one-year-old baby died at the FOPA evacuation centre at Panatina.

Reports reaching the Solomon Star stated that the toddler from Malaita died after drowning in the artificial lake on Thursday afternoon.

The report stated that the baby was found floating in the lake.

The reports said the baby’s mother was away in town when the incident occurred.

“He was under the care of someone during the absence of her mother.

“The body was found after the area was searched when members within the shelter were alerted of the missing baby.”

The report stated that the body was rushed to the National Referral Hospital but the toddler was already dead.

The baby was a member of the remaining group of evacuees at the center who were still to be repatriated.

The remaining flood victims have been calling on the government to quickly repatriate them so that they can rebuild their lives.

Many remain in the shelter because what has been promised as repatriation packages were not met.

The remaining flood victims reiterated their call for the government to respect them and give them back their hope.

Thousands of people were forced to evacuation shelters after the April flooding which claimed lives.

Most have since returned but some whose homes were washed by the flooding still remained mainly at the FOPA shelter until today.