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Median training for election coverage

28 July 2014

Media association of Solomon Islands (MASI) over the weekend kick off with its media training in preparation for the upcoming national general election.

Ben McNair, a media trainer and Ms Josephine Teakeni a MASI member led out in the training.

Members from all the mainstream media organisations in the country attended the training.

It was designed to improve and maintain the professionalism of local journalists in understanding the election coverage, increase, awareness of audience needs, help participants understand the role journalist in the election and getting the mentality how to pick up stories covered during the election.

The training highlighted three main elements of media coverage during the polling days which included reporting on the political groups and candidate, covering the main issues and explaining the voting process which was seen as much needed for the public to know and understand.

Ms Teakeni said the training also help journalists to understand all background of each political parties which will contest in the coming national election.

She said as the election is a democratic process, the media is really important in participating in the national election as fourth pillar of arms.

The training will continue this coming Saturday with similar topics regarding the election.



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