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Our Telekom applauds rural leaders

28 July 2014

Our Telekom has commended rural Malaita provincial leaders for accepting the company to install more towers in their areas.

The company’s public relations officer Lawrence Nodua said this as the company will kick off its launching program in the province starting today.

About 13 new towers will be launched in the coming days and weeks as part of the company’s rural mobile rollout project which aims at allowing the rural areas to access mobile services.

He said the decision to allow the company to install towers in their communities is a wise one because of the need to access information.

“Therefore the rural communities and their leaders must be commended,” he said.

Since last year the company had built 13 news towers and according to their data collection Malaita now has about 24 towers located around the province.

He explained that of this total, 11 of them were first installed some years back.

“This is a big achievement for the company and we would like to thank the landowners, chiefs, church leaders for accepting us to build the towers in their areas.

“I hope these towers will make life easier for them (people) in terms of communications,” he said

He explained that some of these towers will access 3G internets which means local people will access internets directly in their areas.

Chief Abraham Misitana from east Kwara’ae has acknowledged the company for developing the province with access communications.

“Telecommunication in this period is very important for us people because we need to communicate to each other concerning our business and other important matters that need urgent attention,” Mr Misitana said.

Its understood Our Telekom is also building new towers in the Western and Choiseul province this year.

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