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Renbel to celebrate second appointed day

28 July 2014

Renbel province will celebrate of its second appointed day tomorrow.

This was despite the resignation of three ministers and one back bencher from the current provincial government led by premier Lence Tango.

The celebration will be held at Batonu playing ground in Belona Island for the first time.

Acting Prime Minister who is also the minister of home affairs Manasseh Maelanga, minister of lands and housing Joseph Onika and the minister of provincial government Hon Silas Tausinga have been invited to be part of the celebration.

Renbel provincial secretary (PS) Angiki Peseika Baiabe told the Solomon Star last night that the celebration would be a historic one because for the first time it would be staged at Belona Island.

He said the celebration should have been held last week but due to work commitment it was deferred to this week.

“According to our history, this would be the first second appointed day to be marked in Bellona island since celebration was normally held in Rennell,” he said.

The PS said people in Bellona are excited and have thanked the current provincial government for the decision.

“On behalf of the Renbel province I like to thank the deputy Prime Minister who is also the acting PM and ministers of the crown for kindly accepting our invitation to attend this celebration, though they were given a short notice,” he said.



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