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Call to announce penalty

28 July 2014

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) must quickly announce what actions it would take against those who registered more than once during the recent voter registrations.

Joseph Osifera, a resident of Wind Valley, White River in West Honiara said the commission must quickly announce the consequences or penalty it would take against those who registered more than once.

Its understood more than 6000 people have registered more than once, with one registered nearly nine times.

Mr Osifera said he saw in the list in West Honiara that many people have registered more than once.

And with the election just around the corner the commission must act and come out with a decision to penalise those who break the rules, he added.

“I want the law to deal with those dishonest people who registered more than once,” he said.

Chief electoral commissioner Polycarp Haununu told local media last week that those who breached the Act are likely to face justice.

He said SIEC registration revision officer will give the decision on what measures to be taken against them.

“Whatever decision he comes up with will even end up in the high court for breaching the Electrol Commission Act.

“SIEC might as well advise the police to investigate into the matter and the case against them (voters).”

The voters registration provisional list that was released last week, bore names of eligible voters. Those whose names were highlighted yellow were the ones registered more than once.

He added that those who registered more than once, only the name that they have first registered with will appear on the final list, but the decision whether to vote or not depends entirely on the registration revision officer.