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TANGO LOSES SUPPORT: Three ministers and a backbencher resigns

28 July 2014

Three provincial government ministers within the Renbel government led by premier Lence Tango have resigned over the weekend.

This left the premier with a minority support to lead the government.

Clerk to the Renbel provincial government assembly Dicter Maitaki revealed this to the Solomon Star yesterday.

Mr Maitaki confirmed receiving their resignation letters on Saturday - 26thAugust 2014.

“I can confirm that three provincial government ministers have resigned from the Tango led government on Saturday.”

The three provincial minister that lodged their resignation note included; Brian Didugai - provincial minister of women, youths and sports, Luke Tuata – provincial minister responsible for fisheries and natural resources and Kusol Tepuke - deputy premier.

Besides that, one back bencher of the current executive government also resigned from the Tango leadership.

Reports revealed that their resignation was based on dissatisfaction with Mr Tango’s leadership, the Heritage Park Hotel bill totalling up to $4million and claims of misuse of provincial funds without proper consulting the executive members for approval.

The provincial clerk Mr Maitaki said following the resignation the ministers on Saturday Mr Tango has no majority support to allow him to continue in leadership.

“This means that Mr Tango had a minority number and the only wise thing he should do now is to voluntarily step down,” Mr Maitaki said.

He added that another option would be to move a motion of no confidence against the premier to debate issues being raised against him on the floor.

“What Mr Tango should do since he did not have any more number is to voluntarily step down so that we could able to elect a new premier for the province though the  provincial election just around the corner,” the Renble clerk said.

Its understood that following the resignation of the ministers and a backbencher Mr Tango only has the support of one minister.

Attempts to get comments from Mr Tango last night were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile Renbel will celebrate its second appointed day tomorrow in Bellona.