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PAP won’t marginalize Kiribati people

29 July 2014

The People’s Alliance Party (PAP) has assured the Kiribati descendants in Solomon Islands that an Alliance Party Government will not marginalize them.

The assurance was made on Sunday in an awareness meeting PAP executives held with the United Church community at White River, West Honiara.

Members of the Kiribati-Tuvalu United Church community were anxious that they could be marginalized by Melanesian Solomon Islanders.

But, both PAP National President Sir Nathaniel Waena and National Secretary General, Edward Kingmele explained people of Kiribati origin are Solomon Islands citizens and are part of the country’s history.

They said the PAP values the various contributions by Solomon Islands I-Kiribati and Tuvaluans especially in the Police Force and the Public Service.

I-Kiribati and Tuvalu villages are mostly in Choiseul and Western Provinces and in and around Honiara.

People from the former British Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony were settled in Solomon Islands in the 1960s by the British colonial administration because of shortages of land in the tinny Micronesian and Polynesian Atolls.