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Accused urged to seek lawyer

29 July 2014

One of the two accused who cashed a government cheque of more than $50,000 has been asked to find a lawyer to mitigate for him in court.

Simon Tigota is currently without a lawyer and was asked to find one to mitigate for him in court.

His co-accused Betris Wale has a lawyer and he is Henry Kausimae from the Public Solicitor’s Office.

Tigota has been found guilty of one count of forgery while Wale was found guilty of one count of uttering.

Both accused have stood trial in the Honiara Magistrates Court way back in 2010 and the judgment handed down in May this year.

This is for the offence in 2007, where Tigota forged one of the old government cheques he stole in 2006 and cashed it with the help of Wale.

The trial was heard before the now Justice Leonard Maina who was then the Chief Magistrate at that time of the hearing.

A date for the sentencing submission will be fixed on August 8, this year when the matter returns for a mention.

Crown Prosecutor Sirepu Ramosaea represents the state on this matter.