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Speaker dismisses claims

29 July 2014

Speaker to parliament, Sir Allan Kemakeza has outrageously dismisses claims that he admitted his election candidacy during a visit to his people in Savo Island despite earlier clarified that he did not.

Instead he will reconsider his candidacy seriously upon knowing he has great support from constituents when parliament dissolves soon.

Parliament is understood be having its last sitting by August before dissolving.

Sir Allan was accused of declaring contesting election whilst holding power to office and has used his position to manipulate the voters’ registration process.

“As part of his preparation, he used his official position to advance his personal interest by employing his own son, daughter in-law, and his cousin brother as registration officers,” Savo islander William Runa accused the former prime minister.

He added Sir Allan’s clarification earlier on Sunday Star issue dated June 6th 2014 was lame and ridiculous.

“If Sir Allan denied his involvement, he should put his personal interest by employing his own son, daughter in-law and his cousin brother as revising officers in one of the forty-nine constituencies. So that he should not be blamed on the trap of public interest,” said Runa. 

He said Sir Allan’s candidacy was called to question because he is hiding behind his position, duties and responsibility,

Runa claimed “behind closed doors in his home, Sir Allan’s actions and doings speak louder than words.

“On June 18th at Sunset lodge and July 13th at Kaegele community, Sir Allan in his awareness publicly declares that he is an intending candidate and promise people that he is going to win this upcoming election.

“It is very clear that his candidacy must be called to question,” he said.

Runa also claimed confirming eyewitnesses who attended the awareness stating that the actions and doings of this great leader was nothing but a real power hunger.

“This speaks of a self-centred individual interest, lack of transparency, nepotism, non-inclusive decision making process and little regard or attention to the rule of law,” he said.

“The core pillars of principles and values of democracy that should guide us as a nation no longer exist. Corruption have crept within the system and swallowed everything that falls within our side.

“It is now very clear that leaders walk free within their capacity,” he added.

But Sir Allan told this paper that his visit to Savo Island was not on his own will but a request from the people.

“There are two different things between being invited by the people and going there on my own will.

“I was invited by people of those communities to talk to them and was not on capacity as speaker or chairman of electoral commission,” he said.

“I was invited as their big chief.”

Allan claimed it was upon talking with the people that he came to know the big support he have from the people.

“I have never declared my candidacy yet but seeing the tremendous support seen from the people I will seriously consider contesting when parliament dissolves if necessary,” he said.

But Runa said people of Savo-Russell have been blinded and squeezed between leaders as such and the new biometric voters’ registration process.

“This is not about me and my constituency but all of us in this country who are without a good sheppard.”

A formal complaint on the matter has been confirmed at the Leadership Code Commission office however it is not known on what stages it is when this paper contacted the office yesterday.

By Bradford Theonomi