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01 August 2014

Four masked men attempted to rob ANZ officers transporting large sums of cash to the ANZ branch at Guadalcanal Plain Palm Oil Ltd (GPPOL) one in Ngalimbiu yesterday afternoon.

The incident took place around 2pm when the ANZ officers along with the GIPPOL security officers were traveling up to drop off the money at the ANZ branch at Ngalimbiu.

The total cash being transported yesterday was not revealed.

Speaking to the Solomon Star last night assistant police commissioner for national capital Gabriel Manelusi said the suspects who were armed with knives and wearing mask were traveling in a car. 

“They came out from nowhere and try to rob the ANZ vehicle.”

Mr Manelusi said the masked men were using a car with a plate number B4790.

“It was believed the car is owned by taxi service in Honiara.”

He said fortunately quick intervention by the GPPOL company security officers had resulted in the men escaping from the scene in the car.

“The security officers immediately contacted Guadalcanal police which then gave chase.

“Police followed up on the run away suspects and found a car that was used near the New Zealand camp area with a key inside,” he said.

Manelusi said that police have now detained the vehicle at the Rove headquarter police station for further investigation.

Meanwhile, he commended the GPPOL security officers for their effort in intercepting the planned robbery and for their quick response to inform the police.

He said its important the security officers must work with the local police when such things happen.

He also condemned the incident because it had tarnished the country’s image.

“In order to make our country a better and peaceful place to live we should help and support each other rather than involving in such unlawful activities that can paint a bad name to our country,” he said.

He called on the public to inform Guadalcanal police with information associated to the incident yesterday on phone 36200.

He also thanked the Guadalcanal detectives and Honiara city police for the job well done during the incident.

Investigation is now underway.

The attempt robbery came just within a week after the ANZ ATM heist at Kwaimani complex last Friday night.



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