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ANZ, GPPOL dismiss report

03 August 2014

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Australian and New Zealand owned Bank (ANZ) and the Guadalcanal Plain Palm Oil limited (GPPOL) denied the reports that the attempt robbery at GPPOL targeted ANZ.

A front page article in the Solomon Star on Friday based on information provided by a police assistant commissioner stated that masked men attempted to rob ANZ properties at GPPOL.

ANZ CEO Geoffrey Buchanan said the references to ANZ in the report were inaccurate.

“The incident had nothing to do with ANZ officers as stated,” he said.

He said that ANZ does not have a branch at or anywhere near Ngalimbiu, nor was any ANZ vehicle involved in the incident.

Sustainability Manager of GIPPOL Andrew Kerr also said the incident has nothing to do with ANZ.

“ANZ has no such facility at GPPOL at all.

“It was our internal pay run for the employees there and apart from our staff of GPPOL, the only others involved in the incident were our contracted security firm Guadalcanal Plains Security Service (GPSS).

“All vehicles and personnel involved belonged to either GPPOL or GPSS and nobody else,” Mr Kerr explained.

When contacted to reconfirm the initial report he provided, assistant police commissioner Gabriel Manelusi admitted that the report relayed was incorrect.

“It was an initial report relayed to my office from the charge office at Henderson police station front desk.

“There was no ANZ vehicle or officers involved as stated previously,” he said.

He added that it was only the GPPOL staff and GPSS officers who involved in the incident.

Mr Manelusi apologized on behalf of his police officers for the wrong information provided which he said have cause any inconveniences to ANZ and GPPOL Companies.

The Solomon Star also regrets any inconvenience the information published may have cause to the two parties.