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DPM urge provincial government to prioritise people

03 August 2014

ACTING Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga has urged the Guadalcanal Provincial government to work together as a team.

Speaking during the Guadalcanal Province second appointed day celebration at Don Bosco last Friday which, Mr Maelanga said political fragmentation must not be entertained because fragmentation can hinder progress.

“It is important to work together for the common good of our people.

“Let us not forget that we have a duty to ensure that we have a provincial government that is more responsible, well-governed, transparent and accountable because if we don’t; we will lose the interest and more importantly the confidence that our people have in us, as well as towards the developments of this province.

“And that is why we need a stable government to achieve our goals to benefit our people.”

Mr Maelanga said there have been times of great challenges that the province as a government and its people have faced and overcame.

“With the dynamic and ever changing global economy, we must brace ourselves for new challenges that lie ahead of us.

“It is therefore important that we unite as a people to be able to summon the strength to conquer these challenges.”

He said he believe Guadalcanal Province can be better prepared if its people unite and live in peace.