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Veke acknowledges investors

05 August 2014

INVESTING in Guadalcanal had its own challenges and benefits but the fact that you have actually invest indicates your willingness to see Guadalcanal improve in its socio economic needs.

Premier Anthony Veke made the remarks at Guadalcanal second appointed day as he acknowledged investors who have taken on the challenge to invest in Guadalcanal province.

On economic developments he said his government encourages and supports those developments including investments that his people wants and derive maximum benefit and participation in decision making.

“Investors are therefore encouraged to partner with resources owners and the province in the long term to undertake partnerships that are based on sustainable models of developments and not on quick-money extraction mentality that had so victimised many resource owners in the past.”

He said on this policy understanding, his government value the support arrangements made with investors such as GPPOL, Gold Ridge Mining; for which we are now reaping some benefits, USP Doma, Mamara development and the Tina Hydro.

Premier Veke called on the people of Guadalcanal to support investments such as USP, Mamara development and Tina Hydro projects.

Mr Veke assured the government and the investors that the province will continue to support their investments and the resources owners.