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Home razed over sorcery claims

07 August 2014

A MAN and his family remain homeless after their home was burnt down over the weekend after being accused of practicing sorcery.

The incident occurred after a group of angry men retaliated over claims that Daniel Douglas from Temotu who was residing at Lunga, East Honiara had cast a spell on a female student.

The burning incident happened last Saturday around midnight.

Reports reaching the Solomon Star revealed that the men burnt Douglas’ home over rumours that he was practicing sorcery.

It was claimed a group of men believed to be under the influence of alcohol torched the home while the home owner was away.

When the Solomon Star visited the scene on Tuesday an eye witness told this paper that the group comprised of men from different provinces.

“They first came to the house broke all the family’s properties and then later returned and put it on fire later that night,” he said.

During the burning incident the wife and the kids just stood helpless and watched as their home was razed to the ground within minutes.

The witness said they called for police’s help but there was no response as the calls went unanswered.

When asked about the root cause of the burning, another source said that some people within the area believed that Mr Douglas had been practicing sorcery.

It was revealed that fortnight ago a young girl collapsed at the school and she was brought to a priest (Tasiu) to pray for her.

“After the priest prayed over her she claimed that on her way to school Douglas bought fish & chips and gave it to her.

“And so since people within the area thought and believed that Douglas may have cast a spell on her,” the source said adding there had been many mixed stories coming from people.

However, the source said that the girl's 'fish and chips' story was untrue.

“The group of men have overreacted and an innocent home was burnt down instead.

 “All the stories are only rumours and not true. And so most of people have now realised that they are wrong about Mr Douglas,” he stated.

Speaking to the paper Mr Douglas maintained his innocence.

“I’m an innocent man and have no idea of what is happening and the thoughts of the people about me,” said Mr Douglas.

The priest when asked said that he was shocked after the incident.

He said there were a lot of mixed-up stories and people exaggerated the story which resulted in the unfortunate incident.

The family is currently residing with relatives.

Police investigation is now underway following the burning incident.